AI answers from MoneyBot

Got a money question?

Our AI chatbot, called MoneyBot, has instant answers to all your questions about money. All the answers MoneyBot provides are sources from our knowledge base articles written by our expert team of financial education trainers.

About MoneyBot

Our AI-powered chatbot is fed information solely from the Money Ready website, with all articles written and fact checked regularly by our team of financial education trainers. Every answer our chatbot provides should include a link to the source article so you can read more. 

We understand that AI is a relatively new technology – particularly tools like ChatGPT – and therefore are closely monitoring its use, performance and the answers our chatbot provides.

It’s important that we are genuinely able to provide answers to questions young people really have about money. Therefore, we monitor the types of questions asked to help inform the articles and videos we write and film next.

All questions and answered are anonymous, and only accessible by the Money Ready team for monitoring purposes. 

As our chatbot is trained on our articles only, we hope it won’t make mistakes, but we are monitoring its use regularly as it’s a very new technology. If you spot an error or have a question we could not answer, please contact the Money Ready team by emailing:

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