Are your students Money Ready?

Boost their financial fitness with MyBnk

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Are your students Money Ready?

Try our money readiness quiz and find out

Are your students Money Ready? What’s their money management style? Are they Big Spenders or Optimistic Savers? Put their money knowledge and skills to the test to find out.

Start with our monthly videos

It’s important to exercise regularly, right? We believe it’s important that young people learn and think about their finances regularly too, which is why we’ve launched our bite-sized monthly video series.

Money Ready membership for teachers

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More ways to get Money Ready

Designed especially for young people, we have lots of ways your students can learn about money and boost their financial fitness. Have a finance question they need an answer to? Check out our knowledge base of Money Answers, or ask our AI-powered MoneyBot.

Ask our AI-powered MoneyBot

Our AI chatbot is trained on our content and can give your students instant answers to their questions based on our trainers’ expert knowledge.

Search our knowledge base articles

Our knowledge base has answers to the most frequently asked questions young people have about money.

Find out about our in-person programmes

MyBnk offers a wide range of in-person financial education programmes for young people aged 5 – 25.

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